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Nice Computer News photos

A few nice Computer News images I found: 20121107 – building Goliath – case – box – back – right – IMG_4961 Image by Clio CJS This case is awesome! Harddrive installation is SO EASY! The harddrive cage is removed from the front of the case, and so there’s no need to unplug the power […]


Nice Computer News photos

Some cool Computer News images: Italian flag #1 Image by Ed Yourdon This Italian flag was fluttering pretty prominently in the sunlight at the top of the main steps of the Vittorio Emmanuel monument… Note: this photo was published in an Apr 28, 2009 blog titled "ITALY – Regions deny federal government claim: never asked […]


Latest Computer News News

Flickr bug already, hate the NPE 2013 format…read on.. below! and the Gallery at right>>> below. Image by spelio The LATEST NEWS FROM YAHOO! FOR SALE… A bug in the new Flickr already.. see the code blog and the new home page demonstrating "expensive parallax scrolling code" You need to click on […]


Cool Computer News images

A few nice Computer News images I found: Neuromancer Ed Boyden visits Stanford Medicine & controls a GM-mouse with an optical brain tap Image by jurvetson Ed Boyden, the MIT optogenetics pioneer has developed robotic probes that slowly slide multiple glass needles into the brain with electrical feedback to intercept neuronal cell bodies, and then […]