Cool Digital Camera News images

Some cool Digital Camera News images:

Star Trails in Space (NASA, International Space Station, 03/16/12)
Digital Camera News
Image by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
This is a composite of a series of images photographed from a mounted camera on the Earth-orbiting International Space Station, from approximately 240 miles above Earth. Expedition 31 Flight Engineer Don Pettit relayed some information about photographic techniques used to achieve the images: "My star trail images are made by taking a time exposure of about 10 to 15 minutes. However, with modern digital cameras, 30 seconds is about the longest exposure possible, due to electronic detector noise effectively snowing out the image. To achieve the longer exposures I do what many amateur astronomers do. I take multiple 30-second exposures, then ‘stack’ them using imaging software, thus producing the longer exposure." A total of 18 images photographed by the astronaut-monitored stationary camera were combined to create this composite.

Image credit: NASA

Original image:…

More about space station research:

There’s a Flickr group about Space Station Research. Please feel welcome to join!

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FlickrNation, Episode 2
Digital Camera News
Image by Thomas Hawk
FlickrNation, Episode 2,

Download the show here.

Show Notes:

1:00: New website home You can vote for the podcast on Podcast Alley here. The RSS feed for the show is here. Contact info:, Yahoo Messenger: thomashawk22, Skype: thomashawkskype, Phone: 415-992-5350.

2:30: Two new Flickr features: Auto-Magically Rotate and Allow Blogging.

3:45: Yahoo!’s logon process to get "flickerized" according to Stewart Butterfield.

5:45: Flickr mentioned on CNET’s, Tagging Gives Web a Human Meaning.

8:40: Flickr Staff blogs: Sylloge (Stewart Butterfield), (Heather Champ), (Caterina Fake), (Cal Henderson), (George Oates). The link I mentioned from Cal’s blog on corporate logos and their colors.

14:37: HyperMedia, Using Flickr for Product Marketing. iView Multimedia. Thanks for the link Steve!

16:26: Wrong number call in on Skype during the podcast by a 90 year old woman without a computer or digital camera. (Sorry about the bad sound quality from her, I wasn’t expecting a call in from a wrong number so the mic didn’t pick up so well).

21:00: Shayne Bowman and using Flickr for Product Marketing continued.

23:00: One Google AdSense ad is ok for your blog when linking to and using Flickr as a non commercial personal site.

26:55: Is Less More? Heather Champ asks, should the number of tags on Flickr photos be limited to less than 100?

31:08: Fav/View >= 5% Group. Top poster, Aqui Ali.

34:00: New FlickrNation Group on Flickr.